Elizabeth Schofield is a local artist based in Northcote. After completing a Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) with Honours at RMIT University in 2009, Elizabeth went on to work as an interior designer with notable firms in Melbourne, before turning her focus to her immediate locality and surrounds. Now involved in property, real estate and construction, Elizabeth has been documenting the neighbourhood and community of the inner north, capturing the architecture and personality of the area with just a set of reliable fine liners.

Elizabeth’s approach is to be honest with every drawing – she draws with two rules: 1. no pencils, and 2. no erasers. Every line that is drawn on a page is drawn in ink and remains as it was set down; the resulting drawing is as true to its original artistic perception as possible. Her interior design training gives her an appreciation for subtle architectural detail and attention to materiality and finish. Elizabeth hopes not only to preserve some of the history of the area through each drawing, but also to celebrate the detail and architectural styles that can be found throughout the inner north.